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When you are proud of who you are, what you believe in, or want to defend yourself and your Country from an enemy, show your flag.

Right now show your flag to show that you don't give up.

Show your flag where you can: outside your window, in your store and office, in a corner in the picture of your social profiles or on the home page of your site to let the world know that you want to fight.

Don't just show others that you want to defend your life, appreciate it.
What is happening now makes you understand how fragile and short our existence is.

The guarantee of a tomorrow is a promise that nobody can keep; you only have today to improve your life, change yourself, and do what you have always dreamed of, but you have postponed every time.

Remember that not only is your time here limited, but also the life of the people who are at your side, or those who now are distant and that you would like to be close again.

Don't wait another day to reconcile with others; apologize if you know you have to do it because there is no tomorrow.

And if you prefer, show the flag of your favorite team, the group you belong to, your favorite cause or the Faith you believe in;

display the flag you want, as long as it is not white.

Remember that you only have one day, one life, one planet.


Your  Country will no longer be the same as before.

It could get better.

You too, if you want.

Please read the article If you want



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