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This text is true for Your Country too, therefore we wrote as if was pronounced from one of your Compatriots 

The image is the same as the original in the Italian site because probably you are a Human Being too and live on the Earth, so we're not much different !


Our Country will no longer be the same as before.

It could get better.

You too, if you want.


Our is a fantastic country with many possibilities, and every woman and man of our people are.

In this difficult moment, the future depends on us: we can continue to complain and quarrel among us, or decide to become what we could be, starting to change ourselves.

If we want.

You can't know what the future of the world or of Our  Country will be like, but you can act now to make yours better; it just depends on you and the choices you make every day.
If you want.

It is not necessary for someone to come and explain how to improve your life, inside you will find the questions to ask yourself and the solutions to apply; if you haven't done it yet, this is the right time to put them into practice.
If you want.

Seize the surrounding possibilities, invent new ones, don't wait for the "perfect" moment because it doesn't exist; start your journey and find opportunities along the way
If you want.

Look around and you will see what was built by the precedent generations: we can continue to do it, even better because we have the skills.
Nobody can guarantee that it will be easy; if we don't try we will have already failed, we can start changing now.
If we want.

How many times have you seen people who had more success than yours, but probably less of your qualities? The only difference is that they started to act and tried; do it too.
If you want.

If you try to do something, maybe one day you can repent; but if you give up you can never forgive yourself.
If you want

Don't worry about how others should change, worry about improving what's happening near you; if we do it all together, Our Country will also change
If we want.

Learn something new every day because luck is when opportunity meets preparation.
If you want.

Stop complaining about the flaws of your compatriots, concentrate on your strengths, certainly, you could be better, but it’s only up to you.
If you want.

We have creativity and imagination in our blood, and for this reason, we are appreciated abroad; let's use them to become a smarter country.
If we want.

The future of Our Country depends only on us, nobody will come to save us or wait for us.
But we can only do it if we are united.
If we want.


If you want to show that you don't surrender please SHOW YOUR FLAG, read the Article


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